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Tedy Andreas Talks New Album, The Importance Of Lyricism & More w/ Boom Bap Nation

Written by on December 8, 2019

Interview Done By Magi Camaj

We spoke to Tedy Andreas about his new album, Andreas Soriano. Tedy Andreas is an upcoming rapper from Houston, Texas. He pours his heart out through the words in every track on this new album. Throughout this interview, Tedy Andreas takes us through his thought processes, giving us a taste of the gems present in his art. Diving deeper into his creative process, he shares with us the inspiration behind the album, different things that make him unique, and insight to his creative process. Check this interview out so that the audience can get to know more about him and his music.

BBN: What inspired you to create your album, Andreas Soriano?

Tedy Andreas: I was sitting on so much music I didn’t know what to do with. I picked like 3 of my favorite joints that were still unreleased & they all kind of blended together. The sounds were fitting, so I made a few more joints to cap it off. I knew it was time for a new project.

BBN: How long did it take you to finish your album?

Tedy Andreas: It’s hard to tell really cause It all kind of came together on its own. Like these records was sitting and they shouldn’t have been. After I realized what I had it probably took about a month to make the other songs & about a month to get the final mixes.

BBN: People have different creative processes. Sometimes they write a song in one day or sit with an idea for a long time. What is your creative process like?

Tedy Andreas: I’m the exact same way that you mentioned. I could write two songs in a day or be searching for inspiration for a week straight. I get mad frustrated at times when the ideas aren’t popping out of the blue. I just trust my work ethic & know the dopest shit happens in gods timing. I take this rap shit too serious to rush anything or force it.

BBN: Who has influenced your music the most in Hip-Hop?

Tedy Andreas: It’s too many to name but I’ll try. My biggest influence was definitely Nas. I don’t think that will ever change. He’s the best of all time to me. I used to write freestyles yo damn near every beat I heard him on trying to sound like him when I started. Prodigy, Hov, & 50 cent’s style influenced me immensely. Z-Ro, Rae, Drake and a lot of others molded me too.

BBN: Throughout all of your tracks, you rap a great deal about your environment. How has your environment shaped your creativity?

Tedy Andreas: I’ve seen more bad than good so far in my life. I’ve been a bystander in a lot of fucked up shit I saw growing up. I’ve always been influenced by my surroundings and especially the people I’m around. I write about it but I don’t speak on it too much. Making art out of unfortunate situations I’ve dealt with is therapeutic.

BBN: I heard a lot of metaphors on this album. How important is lyricism to you?

Tedy Andreas: It’s just who I am as a writer. I’m never trying too hard to make a metaphor my brain just work like that. I grew up studying legends in the game, and it just made me who I am as an emcee. I don’t always wanna hear straight lyricism but I can’t help myself from how I paint it.

BBN: It seems like your struggle is a theme throughout the album. What is one thing that you’ve been through that reflects this album? Does pain fuel your art?

Tedy Andreas: Most of my music is centered around my life in some form. I feel like people can get to know me especially more from this project. I didn’t really get a chance to have a full childhood. I had to grow up quick. It’s definitely fuel to the fire and hunger. Struggling made me who I am and I’m thankful for that to be honest. It’s made me appreciate things way more.

BBN: You end the album with the track “Don’t Cry.” Why did you decide to end it with this specific track?

Tedy Andreas: That’s pretty much a intro into what I’ve got planned next. It’s still a lot I have to say. Ending on that note left room for the story to continue. Opening up on songs like that is tough for me, but I wanted to give something to the listeners to connect to and have them tuned in to the next chapter.

BBN: What is one thing that you want everyone to know about you?

Tedy Andreas: I stayed true to myself and others.

Article Written By Magi Camaj @magicamaj

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