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Party G The Humble Talks New Album, Hip Hop & More

Written by on September 4, 2023

Hip Hop has a new star in the making, “Party G The Humble”. The hip hop artist stops by Live 89FM to talk his new album “The Mission” and more

Live 89FM: Can you tell us a bit about your journey into the world of hip-hop and how you got started as an artist?

Party G: Well I started rapping in 2012 with my bro maze b I wasn’t to much locked in to HIPHOP because that was his thing I was jus the bro that was always around , he convinced me to do a song and people really was liking it a lot , from that move I did a record with cokeboy droop pop , song was fire he took me on tour with him and French Montana , within that same year I had got in trouble with the law and had to go to prison for a few years , when I got out my bro maze b was killed and it’s my duty to always go hard for hip hop for him with out him I wouldn’t be the artist I am now 

Party G The Humble Freestyle

Party G The Humble Freestyle

Live 89FM: What artists or experiences influenced your unique style and approach to hip-hop?

Party G: My favorite rapper of all time is styles p , but I’m heavy influenced by guys like ransom , Da Inphamus Amadeuz , French Montana , max b and 2pac I love pac lol 

Live 89FM: Your latest album has been making waves. Could you share some insights into the creative process behind it and the themes you wanted to explore?

Party G: I knew I wanted to speak on my life and jus talk about things people might not know about me , the old headz production was also a good feeling to help me create these records such as forget and when I was young 

Live 89FM: Hip-hop is known for its storytelling. How important is storytelling in your music, and what messages or stories do you aim to convey to your listeners?

Party G: Storytelling is such a good way to say things about you but in third party , I feel like it’s more vivid when you tell a story in a song , to me Nas is the best storyteller of all time and that’s what I try to aim for when I’m doing those kinds of records 

Live 89FM: Collaboration is a big part of the music industry. Are there any artists, producers, or creatives you dream of collaborating with in the future?

Party G: Ahhh man for sure , I would love to work with styles p man even the whole lox would be dope , I’ve always wanted to work with 50 cent he’s a mastermind , I set a goal for 2024 to work with ransom and 38 spesh , also production wise Nicolas craven , slvg , vdotskii 


Live 89FM: The hip-hop genre has evolved over the years. How do you see your music contributing to the evolution of hip-hop, and what elements do you think set your work apart?

Party G: I see my music having a great impact on HIPHOP it’s a genuine sound my own sound and I feel like that will play a big part knowing it’s only one party g the humble and only I can sound like me , I feel like when people hear me it’s a breath of fresh air , you hear my voice and automatically know where I’m from and that’s key 

Live 89Fm: Your live performances are known for their energy. What’s your favorite part about performing live, and how do you connect with your audience during your shows?

Party G: My favorite part is seeing that one fan that’s like locked in on you while your on stage , like the music they are hearing at the moment is literally moving they soul , when I’m on stage my goal is to make the crowd feel like they are apart of the performance. My favorite line to say is “I Can’t Do This Without Y’all” and I know that makes them feel involved 

Live 89FM: In today’s digital age, social media plays a significant role in an artist’s career. How do you balance maintaining your authenticity while engaging with your fans online?

Party G: I like to direct all my online fans to one place so it’s like a community 

Live 89FM: Many of your songs touch on personal experiences and societal issues. How do you find the right balance between self-expression and addressing important topics in your music?

Party G:  try to put myself in the listeners shoes I talk about things that could happen or is happening to the average person so that when they are listening they relate to every bar ! 

Live 89FM: Looking ahead, what can fans expect from you in terms of new projects, performances, or other exciting endeavors?

Party G: Definitely more music more collaborations and jus real hip hop content , my goal is to New York hip hop alive and that’s what we gonna do 

Live 89FM: Lastly, what advice would you give to aspiring hip-hop artists who are just starting on their musical journey?

Party G: Look never give up , always practice because practice makes perfect , never feel like you can’t do what you want in life . Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Nothing will happen over night . It took me 5 years to drop my album and I wouldn’t take back any min of it ! Never quit EVER 

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