Kitty Gata Teams Up With Method Man For New Song

Written by on May 9, 2021

Kitty Gata the New York rapstress, uses her lyrical prowess to push self-love, assertiveness, and confidence. Nine times out of ten, you’ll hear her converse with fans about loving the skin they’re in or her personal experiences. Case in point, Kitty Kitty, is a musician that every woman should listen to carefully.

Born Kayla, Kitty Gata worked at the Federal Express office before starting her career as an entertainer. She first gained traction after doing comedy and short-skits online under the pseudonym, Purel3eauty. Additionally, Kitty Gata had assistance from Daniel Jean

Kitty Gata

Her admiration for music drove her to pursue it. In return, she earned a smash-hit called “Made It,” which went on to play on Hot 97. 

Now she’s set to release an E.P sometime this year, but before the debut, Kitty Gata has released a single called “All You Need (feat Method Man).”

Kitty Gata’s “All You Need (feat Method Man)” is a rendition of his and R&B icon, Mary J. Blige‘s “All I Need.” The only difference is that “All You Need” carries more kick-snares and a faster tempo. This track is especially appealing to the jaded and new school heads. 

Method Man & Kitty Gata

On “All You Need,” Kitty Gata flows effortlessly over the lush production and let’s it be known that she refuses to settle for less. In summary, she’d like a man who’ll protect her at all costs and give her the finest things in life. Afterward, Kitty Gata details that if he treats her right, then she’ll do the same. “Ride together, die together, everywhere we fly together,” she raps. “Us verse them, they can die whenever.” Deeper into her verse, Kitty Gata even admits, “He know ima make sure he good even if he not straight.” Ultimately, Kitty Gata is looking for a ride-or-die. One might even add that her cadence is akin to the rap megastar, Lil Kim.

Next, Method Man speaks from the male’s perspective, saying that he’s looking for the same type of relationship. “I let her hold my jewelry; she holds me down with the jury,” he raps. “Just you and me, I hold you down with impunity.” As the song goes on, Method Man becomes transparent about his previous relationships before saying that being each other equals only prospers if they’re unified. His tonality still stays to its laid-back and articulate form. 

The visual that accompanies this song sees her and Method Man cruising through the night. That is until the police begin to grill them. Shortly after, the clips give viewers snapshots of Kitty Gata going back-and-forth with the cops in the interrogation room and spitting bars as she dons a sheer, white one-piece. 

Following this, Method Man rocks a crisp white tee and raps in front of a colorful graffiti wall. The visual then crosses over between Method Man and Kitty Gata’s encounter, both reciting his lyrics as orange smoke illuminates the midnight sky.

Listen to “All You Need” by Kitty Gata feat Method Man below:   

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