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Boom Bap Nation Producer Spotlight: Graphwize

Written by on December 1, 2019


Interview Done By @torres1pr

Hip-Hop is A Universal Language that is Understood and Appreciated All Over the World. But, When it comes to finding dope producers a lot of artists have trouble looking in the right place, some times you just have to expand your search. From London, By way of Ontario Canada Producer “GraphWize” is definitely a Diamond in The Rough. Here at Boom Bap Nation We Caught up with him and Got Up Close and Personal this Boom Bap Aficionado.



BBN: What were your Earliest Inspirations, Influences and Motivations to be a Creator of Hip-Hop Music?

Graphwize: J Dilla, The Alchemist, Dj Premier, EL-P, Pete Rock & Madlib.

BBN: Was there a Defining Moment in Your Life that was your Light-Bulb or A-Ha moment to know you were meant to Be a Producer?

Graphwize: I think that A-Ha moment happened when I was getting very positive feedback right after I posted some of my beats to YouTube. I managed to build a small fan base. Even had people steal my beats & they made songs & music videos with them. That was back when no one really posted beats on YouTube. I shutdown my original YouTube Channel due to issues that where caused by some bums that where stealing my beats and sharing my personal information from my copyright claims to there fans. I was 17 at the time and was getting death threats from there fans. I didn’t know how to properly handle a situation like that. It was a big loss for me. I have a new YouTube Channel that I am currently trying to build up.

BBN: I see you have and extensive Discography or working with Many Hip-Hop Legends. Can you name a few Artists you have worked with, and which interaction/s were the most memorable and why?

Graphwize: Tedy Andreas aka “Da Young Goat”, Freddie Gibbs, Conway & Kool G Rap. The most memorable moment so far was when a old friend called me and said he heard one of my beats on Shade 45. He took a lil video of what was playing in his car and sent it to me. I was very confused at the time. I posted the short clip on my Instagram. Inph contacted me shortly after and that’s when I found out Kool G Rap & Da Inphamus Amadeuz murdered one of my older beats called Filthy that I released on my beat tape Graph Beats Vol.2 in 2014.

BBN: You’re sound has a Very Gritty, Boom-Bap Golden Area Hip-Hop Sound. What has kept you grounded with making these types of Beats Considering the Music Sound has changed so drastically the Past Few Years?

Graphwize: It’s what I grew up doing. I do make trap type beats sometimes that’s because I don’t want to just be a one trick pony. I like to experiment & I always try to have a open mind. I like to make a mix of everything but yea the golden sound is timeless.

BBN: What is the Origin and Significance of the Name “GRAPHWIZE”?

Graphwize: I came up with the name Graphwize when I was 14. It was my very first graffiti tag. Shortly after I was uploading beats to YouTube under the name Contraband. I picked the name Contraband because by the time it came to uploading beats & picking a name I had already had some run ins with the police so I thought the name Contraband was a good fit. Later I decided to change my name over to my graffiti tag Graphwize because the pads on my MPC look like a graph then It clicked & I was like yo I’m wise with the graffiti & the beats.

BBN: Who are you TOP 3 Favorite Producers of All Time and WHY?

Graphwize: J Dilla, Madlib & The Alchemist. There is just something about the beats those producers have made that speak to me like no other beats have. RIP J Dilla “The G.O.A.T.”

BBN: I see you have a Record on the New EP “Any Day Now” called “SEPT 10th” with Da Inphamus Amadeuz. How did you guys link and get acquainted?

Graphwize: Right after Inph contacted me we had a video call and got right to business.

BBN: Who is Graphwize listening to Right NOW?

Graphwize: Right now I got 6 joints from the new album Survival by Dave East locked in a Spotify playlist on repeat.
I like to listen to Nipsey Hussle when I work out or for some extra motivation RIP NIP! Been bumpin Conway, Benny The Butcher, Westside Gun, Roc Marciano, Big Pun, Big L & all the other legends from the golden era. I have a playlist on my Spotify page I made that has my favorite beats from other producers & some by me that I like to listen to sometimes.

BBN: Who are some Artists you have not yet had the opportunity to work with, But would like to?

Graphwize: Dave East, Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel, Roc Marciano, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Future, Cardi B, SchoolBoy Q, Madlib, MF Doom, Westside Gun, Danny Brown, Drake, Nas, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, EL-P, Dmx, Z-Ro & J Dawg,

BBN: Where can people find your music, social media. How can they contact you if they are looking for some dope production?


My music is available on all streaming platforms –
Produced By Graphwize – Spotify Playlist –


YouTube Channel

Music Submissions are available @

Huge shout out to Tedy Andreas for being Da Young Goat, My guy Inph for being a goat period. Adonis, Vdon for cookin a crack joint on the new Survival album. The Digggers, Maf & B.A. Badd. Let’s GO!!!!!!!!


Jonathan (PR) Torres
BoomBap Nation Digital Correspondant 
Iget@Em Media Group 
1PR Inc. 

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