Imam Thug set to release “Immortal Legend”

Written by on May 23, 2022

Imam Thug is back! After years of anticipation, hip hop fans finally have what they have been waiting for… an official album & release date.

The project entitled “Immortal Legend” is set to drop on Tuesday, June 7th 2022. The 15 song effort is what you expect from Imam T.H.U.G. (the correct spelling!) hard hitting production combined with descriptive and witty lyrics. The album not only has the original street essence you expect, but shows growth. All this is much needed within the current hip hop landscape.


Imam Thug 'Immortal Legend" Track List

Imam Thug ‘Immortal Legend” Track List

Surprisingly, this is his official debut album. Underground hip hop fans are well aware of his classics such as “True Confessions”. Plus, his appearances on Capone-N-Noreaga, Nas & the platinum selling Violator compilation CD. His underground project “Die Hard” is a cult classic, but fans and hip hop heads abroad have been waiting for an official release.

Throughout the years, Imam Thug has been busy. Transitioning from behind the mic and into the boardroom. Managing multiple companies into successful businesses, aside from music. He then started his own production company and signed himself to a 2 album deal. A true testament of how you can turn street hustle legitimate and beyond.

Imam T.H.U.G’s debut album “Immortal Legend” will be available Tuesday, June 7th. It features the legendary ‘Prodigy’ of Mobb Deep amongst others.

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